FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

Anwers to frequently asked questions on InvestigateIX:

How to add additional Software?

InvestigateIX installs a Debian GNU/Linux and applies most changes or configs the Debian standard way, so you can update and extend it like every other debian installation.

So start the package manager and install additional software from the Debian Repository or each other software or package made for Debian stable.

System not booting

If the system stops booting immediately after boot menu, you might have an 32 bit system. The 64 bit ISO doenst work on this plattform. Please wait until we release the 32 bit version or write an email.

If you get an error after booting a while (you see some output on the console for a while or booting stops on the command line), there are no drivers for your hardware. Try to start on another computer and send us an email which hardware is not working.

If the system is not booting on other hardware, maybe your download was not successfull (not the full file or a corrupted download).

Password in installer environment

The user password (i.e. to escape the screensafer) and the root password of the installers environment is the Debian live standard password live until you start the installation whitch sets the admin password to your own password.