Reconcile App

Reconcile App is an Open-Source Tool, an unhosted Webapp or an user interface (UI) to compare lists and show same entries or entries with only a few different chars.

It calculates on your own device and wont send your data to servers in the cloud.

Similarity of entries means here only very few different chars.

If you want to find similar entries not considering only the same strings but considering different or additional words or words in beetween, too, this tool will fail. For such enhanced comparisions you should use a more enhanced search and analytics solution.

Online service

Just try Reconcile App online.


  • Copy two lists into the textareas
  • Set maximum similarity (how many chars can differ)
  • Click on "Compare"
  • See which entries are in both lists

How to compare spreadsheets?

Its possible to compare a (single) column of a spredshead with a (single) columns of another spredsheat. Just copy and paste both columns into the app and compare them.

Download (150 KB)

Installation and local usage

if you dont want to use the reconciliation tool on the net, you can download it to a local directory:

  • Unzip the zip archive
  • Open index.html with your browser
    (i.e. by doubleclick on the file or set a bookmark to that file in your browser)

More flexibility and big data

If you have to search for your list in more data than another small list (i.e. in many documents or very big CSV files), you might want to use the more flexible index and search engine based solution search with lists which can index and search gigabytes of data.

This more flexible tool will find same or similar entries even if there are whole words in beetween the phrase or name, where Reconcile-App will fail, if an additional word is in beetween in one of the compared entries or words are in another order, because this tool is counting chars and this word(s) would count as big edit distance, while in the search engine it mainly counting words and one word in between for a search engine is only one smaller part of the comparition.